Founders-first incubator, focusing on high-growth startups and sustainable companies. The incubator was created by entrepreneurs for ambitious and talented founders. We aim to create a community of early-stage startup founders, investors, and corporate venture teams.

Founders first.

You will have access to our facilities, daily workspaces, as well as our team and the founders of our portfolio companies if you become a member of Scale Incubator.

We believe in teams and dynamic communication

At Scale Incubator we are looking for early-stage startups with domain expertise and a great team. Our team is prepared to support you as well, even though you may be alone as a founder.

Our goal is to make Aalborg the gateway for the most innovative startups in Denmark by providing best-in-class resources, a skilled and dedicated workforce, and a supportive community for entrepreneurs.

What we bring to the table

We will do our utmost to help you build a successful business and help you grow as a founder as an active member of our incubator. To grow and succeed, we will, together with you, employ the following six areas:


You will have access to a dedicated network, an inspiring atmosphere and founders who are ready to support your business.


An active marketing team who can help you get launched, set up your paid marketing, SoMe and graphic work – 360 degree support.


Scale Incubator supports startups with their first funding. We also help apply for soft funding opportunities and programs.

Back office

We will help you with all the boring stuff – We will setup up your company, do the accounting, help you with contracts and everything in between.


We always grant portfolio insight to our great network – that way you will always have access to investors, accelerators, and Business angels.


We will help you with the legal setup, so your legal documents are correct and you are doing business with high standards going forward.

Access to exclusive deals with Segment, Twilio and Digital Ocean

We partnered up with Segment, Twilio and Digital Ocean to offer over 1 million Danish kroner of discounts on platforms like Amazon Web Services, Digital Ocean, Zendesk, Mixpanel, ActiveCampaign, Intercom, Hubspot, Twilio SMS and SendGrid.

Not just a regular incubator. We scale with you.

As an investor, we offer access to experts, founders and operators. We have seen many startups and we know how they play out. We have a team comprised of experts from each of our sectors at Scale Incubator. Let’s begin the journey together! 

Our key values

Words of former Scalers

Kristian Bojesen, CatchScan

Thomas Rype, Fryed.io

”I joined Scale Incubator in October 2021 as an in-house entrepreneur working on in-house projects while studying for a master’s degree in Innovation Management. It was just a matter of hours before we had an idea, a case, and a company. Three weeks later, we are ready to find external capital. The speed and the execution are just ridiculous crazy in Scale Incubator.”