We create together

From Scratch to Scale.

At this point we differ from the other incubators, because we also create our own ideas, which can becomes companies (sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t). We team up with people, who dream about becoming a succesful entrepreneur. We help develop the idea, set the right team and create a company with a great potential. 

The inside-out method

ScaleLAB in three steps


Every day we are in contact with brilliant people. We brainstorm in our team and we discuss (a lot!). This proces generates a great bank of ideas and potential companies – ideas coming from our own experience and the pain points we face in our daily life. Sometimes the pain points happen to be found in Blue Ocean Markets with only little competition or barriers standing in the way of innovators. 

We seek. We find. We team up.

We take the time to do proper market research, and we do market research over and over again, we interview people, we share the idea with our network and if the feedback is good and there is actually something to disrupt, we team up with the right founder(s) for the business idea, and we put in some capital to start of the company. 


We fuel the rocket and we make sure to launch the company with a fast pace. Why? Because the feedback from our network and potential customers is only golden, when they have the product available. When we have received sufficient feedback and market responses, we flip the coin: are we going live, or are we closing the idea? If we go live, we have a company.